I know zero about  The Witcher, but I loved everything Screenrant had to say about Richard Armitage in this article promoting him for the lead role. And imagine – on Netflix – for all to see. But, it’s even less than rumor.

5 thoughts on “Tantalizing!

  1. Not well expressed, I suppose – but just about anyone can play a regular hero – maybe that’s what he meant. Also, it was notable that Pilgrimage got a mention – it rarely does.

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  2. I just played Witcher again the other day when I had some free time, and the entire time I was thinking, he’d be awesome in this role….And quite honestly he would be….Whether HE would want to take this is on? Sadly, I think he might pass on it…….But I’d love to see him in the title role….


  3. It’s also a series of short stories, translated, and collected in some volumes. Already planning to pick up the first collection to check out this character. This bit has floated around for the better part of a year.


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