Find Armitage Agonistes on Facebook, and a few other notes

As Servetus recently posted ( and thanks for that), there have been changes to how WordPress and Facebook connect. So, for my Facebook followers, ( and I think some of you find me exclusively there), this is the new link for the Armitage Agonistes Page .   If you want to access this page and receive notifications of new posts, go to the page and, if you are following, or want to follow, so, and then under the Follow selections, choose “see first”.

I think I still have some steps to take to get this info out to my Facebook followers. I’m working on it.

I know there hasn’t been much content from me lately, probably not since Ocean’s 8 first take, but who knows? I still have a few things to say about that film and maybe I’ll be energized by some work coming out this summer, including Castlevania. FYI,  Although I let my 5th blogiversary slip by unnoticed, I’m still a fan and still following what’s going on via different platforms. Also, I can’t imagine, at this time denying myself the agony and pleasure of sharing my Berlin Station S 3 thoughts with you, when the time comes.

Thanks again to Me and Richard for making me pay attention to the notice I initially ignored from WordPress about this change.


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