@RCArmitage Tweeted This

Here’s where you can donate to agecncies and law groups helping separated families.

3 thoughts on “@RCArmitage Tweeted This

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    • Thanks for the link. The situation has been like something out of a bad futuristic novel. I can’t answer your question about how 40% of Americans believe it. The best answers I get are that these people aren’t really reading the news – they’re just hearing and listening to the Tump parrots – but I don’t know. Latest news is the public pressure worked and they are stopping the policy, but it will still be a nightmare undoing what’s been done – and I doubt this is the end of dehumanizing and demonizing tactics.

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  2. I would just like to comment on The Crucible as a production which I viewed on Digital Theatre last month. The entire production just blew me away and I viewed it on my computer. His Proctor jumped into probably no2 slot on sexiest character behind Guy and bumped Daniel (my loyalty to him b/c that’s where I discovered Richard). To have gone and seen that production LIVE gives me major major envy for the numerous bloggers and commenters who went and have beautiful stories to tell about it. I get why he tweeted this and I applaud him when he gets socially aware and I really get turned on when he gets politically aware😍😉👏


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