In light of resurgence of Richard Armitage as Batman ( see, I thought I’d repost this.

Armitage Agonistes

Richard Armitage’s ears must be burning as speculation increases that he will be the next Batman. The Arkenstonereported that an “Access Hollywood” poll put him way out in from of four other contenders at 41%. In another on-line article, he was given 5:1 odds to get the role, second only to Josh Brolin with 3:1 odds. His name is on every list- short or long, that has surface recently. The truth is, there haven’t been any new developments in this story for a few days. Every one of the articles we’ve seen since the first report quoting ” a casting source,” has been a reworking, recycling, re-tread of the same one or two original articles in Metro and Hollywood Reporter.

Still, I have to admit, speculating about it, discussing the pros and cons with other fans, fighting off the Matthew Clairmont promoters – it’s all fun. So in that…

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