Nasty P/T EW Person Hopes to Quiet Things Down

Image from  Servetus, because I’ve been blocked by Schwartz and I can’t locate the Reblog button on Me and Richard. Check out my comments and the discussion there , but feel free to drop a line here. Dana Schwartz is not going to be sorry for thinking someone else should have been cast as Claude Becker, there should  have been a big name, but she may regret saying  that Richard Armitage is a no-name. I think she may now have caved on “forgettable.”

10 thoughts on “Nasty P/T EW Person Hopes to Quiet Things Down

  1. Sorry — not sure where the button went. I didn’t remove it on purpose, anyway. It might have been deleted when I changed the Akismet settings due to the new European privacy laws. Not sure.


    • Okay, well I’ve forgotten how to change my side bar and update it with some newer photos. I can’t seem to figure it out again. Oh well. Proctor’s OK forever, I guess.


  2. Ok so this Dana Dimwit would be a prime example of true APM that I would display b/c she is so unprofessional and uses a professional Twitter account to denigrate dates and profess her devotion to C Pine (why?) I think I was vocal in June when this went down but having just read your diagnosis list of APM symptoms this would qualify as a true APM no subclass needed.


      • Ah well this blocking and deleting and liking and unliking or whatever the terminology is seem all very childish to me. I quite frankly don’t get a lot of what goes on on Twitter esp. I’m not a fan of IG either. I think it is rather pretentious and I cringe when some celebrities that stayed away for a long time suddenly join the bandwagon and start taking selfies and videos of themselves.. I know I’m being cynical and probably old here but I miss the one on one days and I do like these blogs as far as interacting goes . I just think SM has gotten out of control and so negative. It just freaks me out in all candor. I’m not meaning to piss anyone off here either. Just this whole Dana Dimwit thing that happened in June and then he gets dragged into it got me upset.


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