Ocean’s 8 – Perry gets Punked – The Only Spoiler is Mine!

The best laid plans – well maybe my plans weren’t laid that well. As I mentioned, I set up a theater party for about a dozen friends to see the opening of Ocean’s 8 here in my small town today.

I ignored the fact that the start time was never listed on the website, although Las Estafadoras ( the Scammers) was listed in both  local theaters as coming attractions. But, because the times and films here are often screwed up, I didn’t pay much attention and I thought I’d confirmed with the manager that the film was opening today. Well – I was wrong. No Ocean’s 8 Lakeside, Mx. today, or this week – or maybe not even in June.

I was so crushed, deflated, disgusted. I was close to tears. First I had to notify everyone the date was off ( while I was watching a tennis favorite, Juan Martin del Potro get his ass kicked in the semi finals of The French Open) and minister to  Mulligan, my cat, who came home with a wound after losing another fight. Then I decided, I wasn’t giving up.  No one wanted to drive to a theater that was showing the film in English, so,  though the theater party is a whole lot smaller, a couple of friends and I ( and a hired driver) are going Sunday to a movie theater an hour away outside Guadalajara. (And I’m going to miss most of the Men’s final of the French Open to boot)

Two more days of staying away from fan reviews. Two more days of chomping at the bit, but I figured, if I could fly to NYC from Mexico for a two day trip to see Pilgrimage, I ought to be able to manage an hour’s trip to a mall.

Stay tuned.


12 thoughts on “Ocean’s 8 – Perry gets Punked – The Only Spoiler is Mine!

    • I almost had a meltdown. As I started notifying people, I discovered that most of them suspected before I did that it wasn’t there. I reached one invitee on her cell at about 10 a.m., and she happened to be standing in front of the theater at the time, since she had an earlier errand to do in that mall. I was wondering if I cruised by the best bootlegger in town – would he have it , but -well – “worth paying”, as the Ocean’s 8 crew said.


  1. I can feel your disappointment. Very annoying that the show times were left so unclear. I think it’s a good idea that you are making the trip to the other cinema!


  2. Me too. I realized that when I spoke to the manager, or who I thought was the manager, I said “Ocean’s 8 is opening on Friday here. Do you know what time the show starts or is there a schedule?” and he said the schedule comes out Thursday night – so, what with language issues, I can’t say he actually confirmed that the movie was opening. It will probably be the next new film to come here when they change the bill and it may be next week for all I know. I hope it comes soon – once will not be enough. But then I shouldn’t complaint to you. I thought you said it wasn’t scheduled for Ireland that you knew – but I hope you catch it someplace.


  3. Sorry your plans (best laid) didn’t come together. But you will probably not miss much by skipping the open. If the match goes as expected, it will be over quickly and the trophy will wind up where is usually does. I was bummed about Del Potro’s loss as well. Have to add you are in for a treat with the movie. RA is on screen more than I thought he would be. And the Met looks great.


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