Hollywood Reporter Wants More Claude Becker – #RichardArmitage

Here Unlike the New York Times critic, who seemed to want no Claude Becker.

Whatever other flaws Ocean’s 8 may have, the way that Bullock gets to connect with her female co-stars amounts to the story’s most charming element. Her chemistry with the other actors is such that when she’s offscreen for a time (often so we can see the other criminals get their parts of the heist in place), it’s not only noticeable but a little disappointing. The only true stumble with Debbie is in her connection with that devious ex (Richard Armitage), a relationship that feels underwritten in part because Armitage and Bullock spend so little time onscreen together. The revenge would be sweeter if it felt like his character truly deserved it, even if we accept Bullock as a woman scorned.

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