FYI – Sad News From Richard

I found Guylty’s post in my notifications this morning. I think it somewhat remarkable that Richard Armitage shared this with us after time. In a good way, because I feel he not only wanted to pay tribute to his mother who sacrificed and supported to set him on his path, but because he wanted to share those thoughts with his fans, and he thinks enough of us to let us know what happened.

Guylty Pleasure

Please do not take this as a sensationalist post – I’d rather not be the bearer of such sad news, but for the information of those of you who are not on Twitter, Richard has just posted this tweet:
This post comes with my heartfelt sympathies for the Armitages’ loss. Without personally knowing Mrs A, I think we can nevertheless say that she must have been a lovely, formidable woman – on the basis of how the product of her education and influence conducts himself. Respectful, polite, willing to give his best at all times, sensitive, empathic. May she rest in peace.

Please do follow the link in Richard’s tweet where he has not only written a wonderful tribute to his mum, but where he is also fundraising for the hospice that took care of Mrs Armitage in her last weeks…

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7 thoughts on “FYI – Sad News From Richard

  1. Very kind of RA indeed to pass on the news to the fans, sharing such an important event in his life. I am sure he knows that many of the fans held his mother in high esteem. Not just for producing such a remarkable son, but also for her efforts in coordinating his fan mail responses. I have to say that the news really shocked me this morning, and I have been thinking about it all day long.


    • Yeah – the same with me. I’ve learned of a number of deaths in the last weeks – people I know and people I know of, and for some reason this one is sticking in a different way. I’m hurting for him.


      • yeah — I just meant in situations like this typically one prefers to share the information oneself as opposed to having it shared by others. I assume that, and the charity potential, are why he shared it with us. There may also have been some role of thinking about the fact that she took care of the fan mail for such a long time, so that some fans felt they had a special relationship with her, too.

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