Ocean’s 8 Trailer – Finally Saw One on TV

About a minute ago. No Richard Armitage.

Ocean’s 8 has also hit Times Square in a big way.

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Ocean’s 8 🎥

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11 thoughts on “Ocean’s 8 Trailer – Finally Saw One on TV

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  3. I just want to add that I am a huge huge NYC person. That city is where I ultimately want to end up living in. I love everything about NYC incl Times Square!!! Would love to have a discussion about NYC intricacies one day here or privately. Photo just gave me goosebumps of excitement.. O8 pic was pretty awesome as well!!


  4. There is no evidence that he’s abandoned NY. As far as I know, he still owns his apartment, but honestly, I haven’t checked lately. He’ been in NY sporadically, but I think the last siting was London.


    • Well that is good to know. I thought there was chatter that he had sold his microscopic bachelor pad in the East Village and settled back in London which would be totally understandable given his mom’s passing in early May.


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