5 thoughts on “Si! Si! Si!

  1. When I went to the cinema last week I was hoping for an O8 trailer, but no. Nothing here yet that I’ve seen, TV or otherwise.


    • I did see a movie trailer the last time I was there — maybe three weeks ago? But I feel like the marketing has been slow here, too. Like, I can’t buy tickets for it yet.


  2. I saw my first TV spot on American TV a few days ago – It was very brief – just the poster and some voiceover, and the poster remained at the bottom of the screen for a while. The theater here will be practically empty – no advance ticket sales in my town, though in Guadalajara they have them, and now we select our seats at the box office – which is so silly considering the low turnout for English movies. It may be that the dubbed versions have bigger crowds. I’m waiting for my first TV trailer, as are we all.

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