Seems Ashley Judd is Back for Berlin Station S: 3

While Richard Armitage seemed to hint at his return during some French press interviews for Season 2’s roll out in France, he hasn’t been confirmed to return as Daniel Miller.

from a fan tweet:

15 thoughts on “Seems Ashley Judd is Back for Berlin Station S: 3

  1. Here’s my prediction: He will not return or he will meet an early death a la Porter in Strike Back. If the latter happens, good riddance and here’s to better roles.


      • Anything that person does and says is damaging women’s cause for equality. She can awake the anti feminist in me, who fought for it since I was barely a teenager, in a very Catholic country (well, THE Catholic country). Go figure the real anti feminists. Her attitude and words are so wrong on so many levels and her hypocrisy has no boundaries. She is an easy target and ruin it for those who are really fighting on women side.


        • I don’t agree that anything said is damaging to the cause. If no one does or says anything, things will never change. I think she has a powerful platform at this moment in time – I just wish she didn’t waste it on nonsense like this thing about shooting in California to make way for female directors. Seems to me, anyone who chooses to be a director for a profession has chosen a career that involves long stints away from home – unless she is willing to limit her options, which would negatively impact her career path.


          • I never heard a logic thing from her. Her attitude is wrong, and damaging. Of course things must be said and done, but with consistency and the right attitude. She always choose the wrong ones.
            I totally agree with you about the choice of a career and the balance you have to find.


      • I was very disturbed by the way he talked in Paris about S3, “not knowing if they need my service anymore”. He should have said he couldn’t say anything about S3. My feeling is he will shortly be in S3, very likely killed in a mission in Hungary (they must justify exterior scenes are not filmed in Berlin anymore… well, it’s ridiculous). My despise for Epix reached a new low and it was already very, very low.


        • I’m not a fan of EPIX because I don’t think this show is very good. What’s your reason? Your forecast is a solution I’d be happy with: we could see him a few more times but not have to go through 10 episodes, and he’d be free to move on to other projects.


          • I don’t know. If he already knew, he chose the worst lie to avoid saying. IIRC, he said we would have known in a 2 weeks time but 3 months have passed and th eonly thing we are sure is Orser and Judd will be in S3. MGM followed both RA and Orser on twitter so I guess RA is in, at least for some episodes.

            I dislike Epix and all the S1 and 2 creative (sigh) staff because they wrote the worst spy stories and characters I ever saw, with plot holes and utter idiocies especially in S2. There are so many I should really do a list. Just to say one: you don’t let Lena escape the day KG is killed, without money, new ID, a place where to go, someone helping her there. And also, no reason to let Lena escape. I should go on and on and on…


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