RA & I – the sequel: NIFF part 2

Don’t miss Esther’s NIFF part two. Full of never before seen photos and a great story about her one and one interaction with RIchard Armitage. A real winner.

The Book of Esther

So, Richard Armitage at the Newcastle International Film Festival, part two (continuing on from here)…

The taxi ride from the Mining Institute to the Biscuit Factory for the Urban and the Shed Crew premiere was only a few minutes, it totally beat a 20 minute walk in the rain. There was champagne and hors d’oeuvres awaiting us. Perfect for a little bit to eat and I may have sipped the champagne a little too quickly in my excitement. I went to the bathroom and when I got back I immediately sensed a hubbub – that could only mean one thing: the Armitage was in the house and had made an appearance! As I was no way near the man, I decided it was time to take out the big guns: my camera, so that I could use my zoom lens to take pictures! Someone made a little video during…

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