More Fans Share Moments with #RichardArmitage

Without the hysteria and over-promotion of the screening of Urban and the Shed Crew at the Leeds Film Festival, Candida Brady, Newcastle Film Festival and Richard Armitage himself, with the cooperation of Caroline Goodall, managed just the right tone to get this film shown and create a fan swooning event. And now, thanks to help from fans, it looks like we can all finally get to see this film, which is to be released for streaming ( no geo restrictions have been announced yet) and will also be available on DVD.

Apologies if some of these are repeats. And a million thanks to the fans who have shared their photos and comments.  I would also love to read some new fan reviews about  Urban and the Shed Crew. If you feel like writing something and have no platform, consider contacting me and I can arrange a post here.


See more of these on this Cageybaby’s Tumblr page:

and, a link to a Facebook page with some videos from the opening remarks to the screening.

3 thoughts on “More Fans Share Moments with #RichardArmitage

  1. I add my thanks to those sharing their experiences with us. I’m envious! It appears to have been a wonderful venue and a very relaxed way of meeting RA. I love the idea of being able to just stand back and drink in the sight of him mingling with the crowd. 😉


    • I was thinking myself how relaxed he seemed, taking time with fans for selfies and engaging with them. Now we just have to wait for a short while for the film – finally.


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