Met a Fellow #RichardArmitage Fan – In my House

Just today, I rehung my posters of Richard Armitage from The Crucible ( gifted to me by my friend Micra) and a poster as Thorin. The leader of the team of the hard-working women ( two sisters and a mom, with some help from a dad for other jobs) who clean my house came over today for some business. I don’t see that much of Ana anymore because she quit the housekeeper business ( she’s still the contact person), and is now teaching what we would consider middle school, two small towns over.

She saw the two posters and stopped dead in her tracks! OMG! I love him!. I asked her whether she meant Thorin, The Hobbit or Richard Armitage – yup, it was Richard Armitage himself. She’s a fan. And funnily, she never noticed nor commented on the framed photo I have of him ( gifted by Guylty from the Berlin premiere of DOS).

“He’s beautiful,” she said. Yup.

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