Armitage Around

It seems like everywhere I turn . . .
Josh Whitehouse as Lt. Hugh Armitage in Poldark (pronounced like Richard Armitage).


Get Out – A whole family of them, pronounced  by different characters as both Armi-taj and Armitidge.

iget outmages (11)

And  on  TV’s Young Sheldoniain armitageimages (11)Iain Armitage, pronounced, according to the interviewer in a clip I saw, same as Richard Armitage.  Just sayin’, as I watch Get Out in the background, but think I have to turn it off, because it’s scaring me. Got more? Let me know.

4 thoughts on “Armitage Around

  1. I just saw Get Out this morning (squeaked it in). I think the satirical aspect of it is excellent; I don’t know why it needed to be a horror film — makes it really hard to watch.

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  2. Yes. As I said on your post just now, too scary for me. Except when it’s Armitage, I can’t take that sort of horror genre. Liked the actors, though. I think we discussed at an earlier time that The Post was underwhelming. I don’t see Meryl Streep winning for that. But – didn’t get to all the films, unless I stop right now and watch Roman Israel, Esq. and Dunkirk before 8 P.M. our time.

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    • LOL. You can fast forward through a lot of Dunkirk 🙂 I haven’t see Roman Israel, Esq, either, but I imagine I will sooner or later.


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