A New Audiobook w/ #RichardArmitage?

Is Richard Armitage spending today recording, or is this about something else? If it is a new book, I hope it isn’t Lauren Blakely, but maybe he’s referring to Heather Morris and an already recorded book.

5 thoughts on “A New Audiobook w/ #RichardArmitage?

  1. I have never been one who enjoys riddles why can’t he just say what he is doing, I don’t think I am being quarrelsome but I am tired by the non-events such as the failed distribution of Berlin Station, the stage play and the limited showing of Urban and the shed crew.

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    • Ah oh? He should have just come out and said that..why all the cryptic talk? I hate when he mindfucks like that.. just be honest and say hey Happy Women’s Month shout out to…. whom I narrating for b/c I got a whole bunch of bucks for it and I’m bored and waiting until my fate in BS3 is decided by the new showrunner….


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