Martian Invasion w/ #RichardArmitage Is Released

Pretty good timing. It can wash away the bad taste some of us have from Wanderlust


3 thoughts on “Martian Invasion w/ #RichardArmitage Is Released

  1. Already listened to over 1 hr & a half of this lavish edge-of-the-seat production of The Martian Invasion of Earth. Can’t put it down! It plays like a movie. Wonderful soundtrack and effects. THIS is an audiobook worthy of Richard’s talent. Hopefully, it won’t be their last collaboration.

    Big Finish has got what I call first-class customer service. I love all the extra content (scripts, soundtrack, etc) & the possibility of downloading the audiobook in its original CD format for later burning; no obnoxious cuts in the middle of a track! Audible should learn a few things from them. 😉

    As a side note: by now, this sounds like a cosmic joke; Herbert submerges and almost drowns!


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