R & J by David Hewson w/ #RichardArmitage Gets a Nom.

I guess it’s time to review it.

3 thoughts on “R & J by David Hewson w/ #RichardArmitage Gets a Nom.

  1. I know now he won (hip hip hooray) but I liked this post b/c Romeo and Juliet which I’m err still listening to was my first and only foray into his audio work. He may be 58 by the time I get to hear most of all of his work. Are there some that you highly recommend? Maybe a top 5 list?


    • Hamlet is a favorite of mine because he’s wonderful and I thought their retelling was thought provoking. ( Liked their Macbeth, too, narrated by Alan Cumming). I also love a Convenient Marriage, and was lucky enough to once have a copy of Lords of the North, which, unfortunately, is lost is in my last laptop, which one day ( when it was my backup laptop) decided it had no hard drive anymore. And I enjoyed Bloody Chamber and listen to it often.


      • I’m warming more and more to Hamlet the play so I may try that after The Lost Daughters which everyone on the blogs seems to rave about. Lords Of the North also seems to be a fav. I have to be honest that I have an extremely queasy stomach and any talk of chopping or graphic killing even if Richard voices it and that sets my insides off immediately I just don’t know if the genre would keep me hooked. What was that Heyer one that was mentioned?


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