Didn’t He Say He Wouldn’t Do Horror?

I’m certain some Richard Armitage fans whose memories or actual files are archival can find the quotes from interviews – but didn’t Richard Armitage once claim he wouldn’t work in the horror genre? And didn’t he then distinguish Hannibal from more traditional horror? And Sleepwalker, which wasn’t strictly horror.

It just seems to me that on the heels of Wanderlust, and while waiting quite impatiently to learn of his next stage appearance – if it still exists – this announcement of a non-starring role in a horror film is, well, unsettling.  Right now, we have some audio works to look forward to, and Ocean’s 8. No one knows about My Zoe, though I think it will film – but will he still be available? So, there’s no new film on the horizon except this one.

It’s horror-ble.



9 thoughts on “Didn’t He Say He Wouldn’t Do Horror?

  1. Do we know it’s a supporting role? Well, sometimes the term horror is used loosely. Maybe it’s more psychological suspense than Freddy Krueger-style…


  2. Sleepwalker wasn’t horror at all not even Conjuring horror or Annabelle horror. I don’t really know what to classify it and need to watch it again b/c he was smoking hot in it. Francis in Hannibal was to me tormented and psychologically hard to watch but I took more of a love story approach to it and would watch it again for that reason alone. I did not watch any of the two previous seasons just Richard’s episodes so my view is probably skewed somewhat or a lot…


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