Bagel War – Maybe #RichardArmitage Can Settle It

I have a number of Canadian friends here in Mexico, including a few from Montreal. There are often friendly arguments about which city makes better bagels: New York or Montreal. I’ve never had a Montreal bagel, so I have no opinion, except that, IMO Eastern European/Jewish  foods in NYC are better than anyplace else. Also, Montreal bagels are sweeter and I don’t need sweetness in my bagel.  The issue has been addressed before .images (8) I don’t even like cinnamon raisin for that reason. Now Richard Armitage can weigh in. He’s  in Montreal now and  lived in New York for a few years. I’m sure he’s had a bagel or two with a schmear.
Tell us, Richard Armitage, which bagel sends electricity surging through your body, causes your heart to pound out of your chest and makes your breath come fast and hard?


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