#RichardArmitage – Spin Master

Interview BTS for Wanderlust. I’m just about an hour in.  More later.

21 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage – Spin Master

  1. First response, at 48 minutes in: So far the book is as sexy as Richard’s grey grandpa cardigan in the teaser interview 😉. But ok, 4 chapters – I guess they have to warm up first.
    And yes, I didn’t exactly think “spin” when I heard the interview, but I felt that he tried his best avoiding any mention of the genre. Keeping the snark under control? Or being genuinely a fan? Let’s see how or if he promotes this piece of work…

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  2. Sadly, I think I will probably be taking a pass on this one….unless one of you tells me it’s unexpectedly very good. I notice he is using an iPad, rather than the usual marked up paper script. I think he’s winging it, which gives me a sense of just how seriously he’s taking this. Not very?

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  3. I’m not a Lauren Blakey fan. She’s certainly no Georgette Heyer but Just think of Richard describing sex acts. I have a feeling it could be eargasmic 🤣🤣🤣


  4. One thing i definitely like about this is the… cardi 😆 looks like a couple hours of reading aloud with not much sweet or hard slog involved. Done and dusted and moving on. I’ll get to it eventually, it’s not jumping the cue of my listening list in any case. Now Wolverine is another matter entirely!! 😍


      • I have seen all the Wolverine films, and Logan was incredible, Mr. Jackman was amazing, a tear jerker, an end to the Hugh Jackman Wolverine era….Whoever steps up will have big shoes to fill, and claws.. Thank you all for your thoughts….

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      • I am so grateful for the existence of this project that i can finally be wholeheartedly enthusiastic about. Yes, i always loved Logan/Wolverine it’s so far back i don’t really remember why i watched the first one. Suspect it was the combo of Scifi+ PatSt+IanMc. And i like both Professor X and Magneto. Wolverine is the archetypal tortured reluctant hero you can’t help wanting to know more about and root for. And HJ has done great stuff with the character. The xmen movies have generally been better than the Wolverine ones and i only saw the x ones in cinema. Wolverine i saw in tv the various ones. I like the new x ones too they have a winning combo in the young x – magneto pair. It’s pretty much the only franchise i ever followed to thr cinema more or less consistently. I otherwise suffer from pretty strong super hero fatigue ( minus Loki). So I’d say i was into X-Men for general stuff and not primary for Wolverine though i could not imagine it without him. If the Wolverine stand alone ones i liked the one where he goes back to where he was ‘made’ . That is until Logan! Glad i gave into the hype and went to cinema as it was excellent! Dark and gritty and the best acting I’ve seen from HJ. PatStew not too shabby either and kids great too. Great concept excellent movie i would recommend it heartily. And yes it’s a great character and bg the sounds of it the story will play to the most interesting aspects of Wolverine, his memory lapses, lack if control all the grey areas and unknowns with that strong good heart. Classic darkish Wolverine! Yum!!! And great for his amazing audio skills. I’d be less keen on movies not sure the new stuff really lives up to the Wolverine legend in particular and I’m not keen on ra having to go through that physical routine the visuals in the super hero stuff these days can easily overshadow depth of original character So think we’re better of with audio. Given rest of offering thank God for Wolverine!!

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  5. I had not heard this interview-did he tweet this way back in Feb? I like the cardi (sorry Guylty) I think he looks quite cozy and with the shirt or polo shirt underneath very neat and tidy. The stubbly stubble looks good. I think his “easy going” description of her writing style is deflection for sure but ever the professional gentleman/Brit I think he can explain away anything now very easily and in a great conversational tone. Listening to Richard explain the story and what I think he took from the plot without any reviews from you or any other wonderful commenters or bloggers, I would admittedly listen to the audio. So very aptly titled post!!

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