Do Any Fans Read Lauren Blakely? Should We Prepare for #RichardArmitage?

Here’s her Amazon page, with lots of choices ( and more covers) Tell me what you know.

14 thoughts on “Do Any Fans Read Lauren Blakely? Should We Prepare for #RichardArmitage?

  1. LOL! I’ve not heard of the author Lauren Blakely. And he has a co narrator female. So if this audiobook will be Richard Armitage, being romantic x 10 –since contemporary romance can sizzle, perhaps we should surround ourselves with pillows, to either prop us up whilst sitting or to cushion our fall. Ha!

    For me, the ending of TCM where Lord Rule leans down to finally claim a kiss from his adorably minxish young and innocent wife Horatia–after she lead him on a merry chase–with his voice and breathing deepening while her breath quickens and her voice is becoming more high pitched and fluttering is just a hint of how compelling he might be in this new audiobook–because in TCM, Richard Armitage is doing both voices with no pauses for shifting between the characters. Sighhh!

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  2. I don’t think it was an accident, Guylty! Goodness, I don’t mean to be a snob but I hope her writing is a bit more subtle than the covers suggest otherwise this might be an embarrassing listen. On the other hand I agree with Gratiana that the end of The Convenient Marriage was a delight. Would he really have taken on something trashy? Surely not…

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    • LOL. And there was me thinking I had a particularly dirty mind… In any case, I am now fearing the worst. However, it also makes me more curious than ever to hear this piece of work… So in that sense it may have been a genius move on Armitage’s part.


  3. Yep, I checked my audible library have listened to 3 audio books by Ms. Blakely… guilty pleasure! It had been awhile so I wasn’t sure but I apparently liked her enough to have 5 of her books in my library (I haven’t listened to 2 of them yet)…I tend to rotate around between mystery/suspense/thrillers, classics, and romance in my listening! I even got the email within the past couple of weeks from audible announcing this new book and a surprise narrator that was supposed to knock our socks off and I thought to myself “Well I doubt it will be RA” so there you go! Glad to be wrong and WHAT A DEPARTURE for him! Her books are funny and pretty explicit… I had to click on the titles to remember them but that’s not unusual for me as I listen to 2-3 books per week on average. This one was apparently written as an audible special title, rather than the standard print book, so it’ll be interesting to see how that may differ from Ms. Blakely’s standard fare. I think after I’m done with the current book I’m on I’ll go listen to my other 2 books so I can compare. LOL

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    • I would be interested to know if they are usually read by a woman, if so, this leads me to think Audible is definitely behind this departure and I am sorry that RA may have been forced into this, perhaps they didn’t like him returning to Big Finish.


      • One of her titles in my library is read just by Sebastian York as it has an exclusively male POV, others alternate between male and female POV. I like York as a narrator and its probable that’s how I ended up with Ms. Blakely’s books- I’ll shop for other books by a narrator I like and if it has positive reviews, give it a try. Apparently I liked whichever book of hers I tried first (though I don’t remember which one that was) because I went on to order more of her books. I doubt he was forced into it, though I am, frankly, flabbergasted. I’ve just started listening to Big Rock and wow, is it ever explicit- both language and sex. If the audible exclusive is anything like her other titles, ears will be burning…. =)


        • It seems the author has been astonished by the reaction of some of RA’s band of supporters and is trying to reassure that this particular story is a fluffy love story with hardly any sexy scenes!!!


  4. I’ve read part of one of her books. Not great as far as I’m concerned. I think she uses the He said / she said format a lot. I’m definitely going to listen though. Rich reading sex acts! & as I’ve listened to all his serious & not so serious audio books, almost to the point of being able to recite them, I need lots of new material


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