Armitage Family Has Tough Start to New Year

If “thoughts and prayers” help, then the thousands of them finding their way to Richard Armitage’s family right now should do some good. Mrs. Armitage has been a fan favorite for years, and by all accounts, she’s had a personal hand in transmitting his good wishes and photos to fans. Wishing her quick attention and a quick recovery.


9 thoughts on “Armitage Family Has Tough Start to New Year

  1. My heart sank when I read this. I think they help when they’re not cynically stated, fwiw. (It’s a drastically different circumstance to say you’re thinking of someone in a situation where you can do nothing, vs one in which you could do something but refuse to.)


  2. Doesn’t look like it to me. Just seeing comforting messages and some NHS bashing on his timeline.
    Not related: I imagine he is frustrated and furious, for him to have disclosed such a personal matter about his mother on Twitter. It’s seems out of character to me. It’s got to be stressful all around to keep priming the pump to get yourself emotionally ready for “urgent surgery”.


  3. Urgent surgery is such a wide-open term to me now ( without looking at regulations or guidelines). It’s always possible that he offered to take her private and she wasn’t having it.


  4. Based on very significant personal experience these last 2 years and ongoing actually I’m in eternal debt to the NHS. Those people do their utmost and it is not the NHS staff who strain the system but the government who refuse to tackle the funding because Brexit shit is more important politically to them and the Tories rich as they are have zero understanding for the value of the NHS. And their horrible Brexit attitude has only piled on the staffing problem. We were attended with care professionalism and a lot of human warmth by people from at least 10 different nations and several lives were saved. I am alone and their support has been exemplary and much felt But money is so tight anything non life threatening is at risk of delays. And outside London delays can get bigger. My poor friend in Wales has experienced more delays than R mentions. His conern is certainly addressed to the right people But those people to me have proven repeatedly to be deaf to those outside their entitled lifestyles. I simply hate their guts

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