Ocean’s 8 – Is the Title a Spoiler?

I think it is.

Twitter entertainment sites are really juiced about the trailer for Ocean’s 8. Unlike the all female remake of Ghostbusters, which was criticized before it was even seen, this  all star-studded, female spin-off of the Danny Oceans franchise appears to be eagerly anticipated.  THR is only one example of the trailer’s positive reception.

The trailer, the teaser, and THR article all make it appear as though Daphney Kluger, the Anne Hathaway character, is the mark.  It’s the diamond necklace she’s wearing at the Met Gala, that the Ocean gang is after. THR describes Daphne as a starlet. It seems likely that the necklace she’s wearing is on loan from some top jeweler, as is usually the case for red carpet and other events.  There’s a scene in the trailer when she gasps as it’s put around her neck and she sees herself in the mirror – as though she’s almost stunned. So, it probably isn’t her property.

The trailer ( you can find it everywhere – but also here ) shows scenes with Claude Becker (Richard Armitage) and Daphney Kluger (Anne Hathaway) showing that they’re a couple.


From @JulieKoksharova

It also appears that Debbie Ocean has a history with Claude Becker. Aside from this scene below, , where it later appears she pulls some sort of knife on him, there are at least two references about revenge in the trailer. (She’s told by Lou played by Cate Blanchett,  there shouldn’t be a job within a job.) There’s another reference to revenge by the James Corden character, when he tells Debbie,  Revenge, it’s a two-fer.

debbieandcaudeScreen Shot 2017-12-19 at 10.56.33 PM

So, Anne Hathaway is wearing a wildly expensive diamond necklace that probably isn’t hers. Sandra Bullock  wants the necklace and to get some revenge against Richard Armitage, who has been dating Anne Hathaway – but for how long? And how did they meet?

In every other Ocean’s franchise film, Oceans 11, 12, and 13, there were 11, 12 and 13 members of the Ocean’s gang, respectively.


See what I mean?

10 thoughts on “Ocean’s 8 – Is the Title a Spoiler?

  1. Since there is AH in that (horrible) press photo on the metro with the other 7, I guess she is part of the 8 and just manages to let the stupid necklace to be given to her thanks to some sort of contacts poor Claude has? So she seduces him in order to be brought to the Met Gala and wearing the necklace. It seems pretty linear.

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  2. I am all for a more complex plot, after all if Damian Lewis was initially interested there must have been more to the role than “man at a party”


  3. Out of interest who is the man or men in the trailer ? Armitage or Damien Lewis ? Certainly not Clooney. I am kind of sad Julia Roberts is not in this film she is great. Prehaps he is the Roberts substitute as Bullock’s sex object.


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