#RichardArmitage as Batman – We’ve Been Here Before -Even Closer

Listed by this source as only 12th choice is Richard Armitage. They’ve got Luke Evans as # 2. See more.


From Tumblr: synathroesmus

I don’t think I’ve seen Jon Hamm (3) do much action, but he has the look of Bruce Wayne. Jake Gyllenhaal, their first choice, is just too pretty for Batman, IMO, Luke Evans (2) is on a roll with roles these days, Matt Bomer (14) and Wes Bently (13) look almost alike to me, and not rugged enough, Keanu Reeves  (5) and Colin Farrell (7) would piss me off, though he can act. Kyle Chandler (8) seems too nice. I’ve never heard of Anson Mount (10), Jason Clarke (11) is a no for the Bruce Wayne pieces. I’ve always liked Eric Bana (6). Michael C. Hall (9) is one of the best actors among the bunch and has about the same attractiveness level as Michael Keaton. Michael Fassbinder (4)  has quite a fandom.

I think a lot depends on where Batman is in life. If his character is post the Ben Affleck version, then I think some of these actors are or look too young and smooth.

Once a bridesmaid then a bride for our guy? He came so, so close, from what was reported, and he has greater name recognition now than before.

What do you think of this list?

5 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage as Batman – We’ve Been Here Before -Even Closer

  1. Yeah, Richard Armitage could definitely play the dark background of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Not to mention Richard Armitage’s batsuit wouldn’t need any padding. Sighhh!

    However, I’m less keen for him to jump into the Batman franchise from the standpoint of hoping that a less spandex involving–read, more classically inspired by literature–project might showcase his talents more. Afterall, isn’t the old actor’s motto, “Don’t work with kids, dogs, and movies with spandex and techno-gadgets that will upstage you?” Ha!


    • Of course, it’s not up to us, and he did say that he would have iiked to have gotten the Batman role that Affleck got. Also, there is still talk that Affleck may Batman in one of the “multi hero” films, so maybe RA won’t be so tied up. Anyway – Berlin Station, season 3, may, unfortunately, get in the way of any number of good opportunities for him this coming year. I’ve heard actors shouldn’t work with dogs and children. I would add Rhys Ifans rather than spandex, to that list, if we’re worried about upstaging. Ha to you, too!

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  2. Anson Mount? Good ol’ Tennessee boy… What an awesome little known actor…Hell on Wheels is what he is most popular for, yet has been around for a while…He would be a good Batman me thinks, rugged, deep voiced, handsome…Other than Mr. Mount, this list does nothing for me, however, I have always held out hope that Mr. Armitage would take on the role of The Batman at some point, I think he would be terrific and would love to see him sink his teeth into the role of Bruce Wayne….But alas it is not our decision to make, if it were, this thread would not be necessary…..Merry Christmas all


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