Six Degrees: Knightfall and Robin Hood

This review pans the new History scripted series about the Knight’s Templar, but this might be of interest to fans of Guy of Gisborne ( who isn’t?!)

What things are distinctive and interesting about the Templars are given lip service. Mostly, though, they’re a framework for a story that’s a little bit King Arthur and a little bit Robin Hood (Minghella’s BBC drama Robin Hood yields much overlap) and even occasionally a little bit Game of Thrones, and if you’re going to push the story that aggressively in those derivative directions, you can’t blame me if I’m going to start yelling, “It’s just a flesh wound!” or “I fart in your general direction!” when things get excessively earnest and, in turn, excessively silly, which happens often. One of the great pleasures of Vikings is all of the “that can’t possibly be true” elements that prove to have concrete basis, while Knightfall‘s fits of fancy are more often embellished or cool things from other sources grafted into the real backdrop.

I have a strong, certain feeling that a certain historian and fellow blogger Servetus won’t be watching this one – but if she does, watch out.

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