The apparent status of Urban #richardarmitage

This is the latest on the potential release of Urban and the Shed Crew. Comments there, please. I am in agreement that we need more information, but I am also not against a straight fundraising effort by Candida Brady to finance her own distribution by download or DVD. Personally, I think download with ownership that will play on all media or most media players is easier and cheaper, but I don’t know for sure because I don’t know the costs of producing DVDs. But you do need administrative help to get things packed and mailed. Also, what buyers save in postage fees can help lower the cost of the final purchase.

Me + Richard Armitage

I say apparent, because the story keeps changing. This is the current iteration — the customer pays £50 for an end credit to the film and a poster. Due to the predations of Brexit on the pound, this is now only about $66 US. Candida Brady wants a thousand people to contribute. Describing the item as a “limited edition” is a bit silly, because it implies demand will exceed supply, but okay.

This is what I don’t get — the film wasn’t “finished” before? Could that have something to do with its failure to find a distributor?

I’ve reminded before that enthusiastic Richard Armitage fans have been burned or close to burned before on stuff like this. I’m reminded that Darren Denison took something like six months to deliver on the “Staged” DVD — although he allegedly had an infrastructure for this sort of thing. Brady’s track record…

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One thought on “The apparent status of Urban #richardarmitage

  1. Thanks for the reblog: I’m not opposed to her doing it; she should do what she wants. I’m just opposed to participating in it w/o more info and some guarantees from her.

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