NO SPOILERS #BerlinStation S. 2

1. Already better than season 1, with just two episodes in.

2. Disturbing, suspenseful, violent, not difficult to follow ( which is one reason it’s better).

3. No Richard Armitage fan should complain that there’s not enough of Richard Armitage.

4. Um yeah, I can still complain about the American accent a little, but I won’t.

5. At least 1 really fine new character.

12 thoughts on “NO SPOILERS #BerlinStation S. 2

  1. …and here in the UK we haven’t had Season 1, never mind Season 2. I have no means of watching it any other way & I have now given up any hope of seeing it. A web site here (Geek Town) that lists starting dates for both UK & US shows says ‘Given the popularity of spy thrillers in the UK, and having a major UK star in the lead, it’s extremely surprising this has yet to land anywhere over here’.


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