Success with @DigitalTheatre – Thank you, Carol

I was finally able to obtain satisfaction this week. The first inroad was made when I was finally able to at least access my FIFTH work ticket on the zen site. There, I left a specific message, along with a link to Zan’s post in which she reported success. Today I received an email, with a new password, and finally have access to my past purchases, but for a limited amount of time.

Whew. Now I have to budget 3.5 hours to watch The Crucible soon – to make it all worthwhile.

15 thoughts on “Success with @DigitalTheatre – Thank you, Carol

  1. I just had success yesterday as well and can finally access The Crucible..Apparently they downloaded it to my account and avoided having to subscribe…….Finally after two weeks of gong back and forth, Rebekah was super sweet and took care of it..


  2. I’ve also now got access to The Crucible, via my account on the DT website, with an end date of 14 September 2027. I’ve asked them about The Crucible Interview but haven’t had a response so far. Getting the play back is very good news but if DT goes out of business or disappears for some reason over the coming years we’ll all be back at square one with purchases made and no access.


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  4. I’ve now got access, via DT’s website, to the play and, today, the conversation – both available for the next ten years. It’s taken a long time but it looks like they’ve finally realised we’re not going to back down and have worked out a way to give us, albeit only via their website, access to our purchases. They were added to my account there and I haven’t had to take out a subscription.


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