Shocker? #RichardArmitage GetReel Interview

here The shocker is that Richard Armitage informs that his collaboration with Yaël Farber for the London stage next year is Shakespeare – and not Oedipus-Antigone. Wow. Well. Which? Lot of fans would like to Richard III. I imagine some, like me, are praying it isn’t King Lear – so whaddaya think? As to the rest of the interview . . .

More of the same as in previous interviews. A complete mishmash over his character and whether he is or isn’t violent or a villain. And, a quite obvious mistake, or maybe an error in the transcription, but he claims that Robin Hood took place later than Pilgrimage.  Not possible. Richard I ( the Lionhearted) was King during Robin Hood. Prince John was a baddie. But that same Prince John is the King during Pilgrimage. Oh well. This came up in his answer in which he says he never played a role in that period – I guess three years on RH didn’t count.

Anyway, I give him leeway where possible in these interviews – especially those at he end of the cycle, because it’s amazing that he’s even able to come up with some fresh material.

11 thoughts on “Shocker? #RichardArmitage GetReel Interview

  1. Speaking from professional bruising (I mean, experience), chronology is the part of history that the average person finds most difficult to keep in order (let alone comparative chronology — what’s going on over here while that other thing is going on over there). It always surprises me, but students have a really hard time with it and (interestingly) also with the idea that causality is arranged chronologically — that an event can only be caused by a preceding event, not by a subsequent one. I’ve wondered for a long time if this is why history instruction focused for centuries on storytelling — because it was easier to keep the logic of a story together than it was to master chronology.

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  2. I suppose he has some personal issues forcing him to quit OtA project. Or a huge role, with schedule clashing. Not fond of Shakespeare so not very interested in anything he and Farber can do. Please NO RIII.


  3. I would welcome any Shakespeare role for Richard. How about one of the comedies? In any case, lots of good info in that interview–his interest in doing an SF project, how much he liked Dunkirk.


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