The Latest: What @DigitalTheatre Said

As you may know, DT changed their terms of service making it impossible for those who purchased content, like The Crucible, to watch it at will off line.
This is their latest comment after complaints from some of our Richard Armitage fans:

What they are promising is that, if you reach out, you will have access to stream previous purchases for ” an extended period.” I haven’t tried it yet.

Let us know if you’ve have any success.

5 thoughts on “The Latest: What @DigitalTheatre Said

  1. Which is all well and goood but I have been trying for 4 days to access my Account. It will not accept password resets then it locks me out. Been trying to get an answer from anyone at digital theatre to no avail. I have a subscription so I’m paying for something I can’t use. Scandalous. No one seems to want to help or give me an answer.


  2. Yeah… not enough… I don’t want to rent my own purchased material for an unidentified length of time. I can access my account but can’t view my purchases yet. Will wait to hear back from them.


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