Berlin Station at TCA – New Article


This has more information than I’ve read so far about the intentions of the series. Here’s an excerpt from Ashley Judd, which I found problematic.

“And in addition to BB being a wonderful, strong female leader, the cast is populated with the likes of Keke, who is obviously so well-spoken, and Michelle Forbes, who is a fantastic actor and an experienced agent on the show, and then you saw Nina, and she plays the head of German intelligence, so you have the four of us giving us, through entertainment, a real look at what the world should actually be like in the 21st century.”

Girl, think before you speak.

11 thoughts on “Berlin Station at TCA – New Article

  1. You can take the girl out of the Old South, but you can’t always take the Old South out of the girl, even when she has spent her life working to prove otherwise.


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