#RichardArmitage on Radio

In Newstalk – The Picture Show. I hope someone tapes it. Here’s the original link

He talks about motivation for Raymond deMerville,  ( questionable, in my view), but also enjoying working on  Ocean’s 8 as a “bull shit artist” villain who’s fun to play. He worked with all the women on the film, and a little bit about My Zoe  where he doesn’t say too muc, except a few words about the failed marriage.

Said he was setting himself up for old age when his face and body goes, with voice work, and also mentioned Love, Love, Love.

All around  good interview that touched on almost all of his recent works.

Oops – fear of water comes up. Hope someone uploads this for all of us.


One thought on “#RichardArmitage on Radio

  1. Me+richardarmitage has a link, it’s so lovely to hear his own accent. I think he found it hard to justify anything Raymond did, Raymond’s mama must have been spinning in her grave lol


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