#RichardArmitage Getting Lots of New Fans with #Castlevania

A quick view of the @RCArmitage Twitter time line today included many heretofore unseen Tweeps – all on account of Castlevania. I’m curious ( and a little anxious) to see if these new fans look for more of his work, become vocal in the fandom, and if, so impact it might have.

CASTEScreen Shot 2017-07-07 at 8.53.53 AM

5 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage Getting Lots of New Fans with #Castlevania

  1. What is a “tweep”? And I like Trevor’s stubble. It has occurred to me that the producers might not fully appreciate the extent of Richard’s original “women of a certain age” fandom. Castlevania is clearly directed toward the young adult / gamer / anime fandom.


    • A Tweep is a person/twitter account ( that’s my definition, anyway) I like the stubble too – a cross between stubble and some sort of Viking tattoo. Done well, I thought. I don’t know how the creatives could make this character more appealing to the original fandom of a certain age, but if they follow Twitter, they may be getting an education about that.


  2. Yes, I noticed that, too. And just in time, as that feed has been unbearable of late. Especially refreshing to see so many men! Even if that’s not a surprise given the genre.


    • I agree the Twitter feed is unbearable. I don’t know if these new fans will become general Richard Armitage fans. I hope they look for some of his other work.


  3. The ladies of a certain age are waiting for the next play and possibly My Zoe. I am enjoying Castlemania tho quite an education violence doesn’t seem real. RA is quite droll. Twitter has become quite repetitive of late. I do miss the discussions of the Hobbit years and the Crucible performance O HappybDays.


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