Castlemania – Great Fun – Perry’s First Take

Worth it’s weight in salt. ( inside joke).

I thought Castlevania might be fun, and I was right. There’s nothing about the genre that I like, neither anime nor Vampire lore, but bring on Season 2, because this was fast moving, funny and fun.
It’s loaded with anachronistic, irreverent, raunchy, gory action and jokes. Lots of funny lines to enjoy. I know garlic is supposed to protect from vampires – but roasted garlic? Yum. Who knew?

It’s also fun to see/hear, or anyway imagine, Richard Armitage as a drunk in a bar fight. Favorite line – Will you please leave my testicles alone?!

I don’t want to give anything more away. Season 1 lays out the history and character relationships in a satisfying way, so no need to have any experience with the video game in order to understand this. There’s some good action, and lots of funny, if off-color, quips. There’s a lot of foul language. As it develops, I think it’s going to be a buddy, quest road trip sort of story, with lots more humorous back and forth among the main good guys.

I always enjoy it when one Armitage role has some connection to a different Armitage role – for me these are inside joke Easter eggs, and there are a few here that call back to Pilgrimage, and The Crucible ( yeah – The Crucible, and if you count the furs, even Thorin Oakenshield)

If there was one thing that bugged me, it was that Trevor Belmont’s hair kept changing color. I assume this was the animator’s way of using lighting, but he starts off with jet black hair in an indoor, lit tavern, and then, through the series, his hair color changes from black to brown to reddish and back again. I doubt most viewers would care about this- but I like my Richard Armitage with dark hair.

We do get the animators version of stubble though. Should make a lot of fans happy.

Each episode is about 23 minutes long, so I breezed through them while I waited for a tennis match I waned to see ( Wimbledon).

I think this probably took maybe 2 hours, if that, for the actors to do their parts. I know that it took the animators, editors and musicians much longer. Still, I hope Season 2 is right around the corner.

Below are a few screen shots showing the different hair colors of Trevor Belmont.

All in all, great fun, fast moving, manageable gore, and Richard Armitage’s voice – I think he must have had a blast voicing this.

5 thoughts on “Castlemania – Great Fun – Perry’s First Take

  1. Ha-Ha! It also reminded me of Robin Hood. I noticed Trevor’s furs, too, but there is a scene in which Trevor is battling Dracula’s son which seemed straight out of BOTFA. It has me wondering if they are deliberately playing on The Hobbit fandom, which might be close in age to a Castlevania fandom.

    Also, I am requesting the animators try to do more with Trevor’s eyes/eyebrows. It would be such a shame not to get the most out of these assets.

    I am also requesting they put in a nude scene. lol I wonder if RA would object to his cartoon character appearing nude…..too funny!


    • Eyebrows! Good idea. I don’t think he would disapprove of a rear view nude scene, since he’s done them in live action – but I don’t know about frontal nudity. Do they do that in anime or video games I have no clue.


  2. Something along the lines of the Berlin Station shower scene would be great! The juxtapositions between character, cartoon, and real actor amuses me.


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