Reaction to #Castlemania w/ #RichardArmitage Screening


I have no clue what venue or event this was, but a fan who was there posted these two tweets. I’m assuming her minor criticism was that the characters’ mouths looked like they were actually speaking English – but not being much of an anime fan, I don’t think I can have an opinion on this without seeing it for myself.

6 thoughts on “Reaction to #Castlemania w/ #RichardArmitage Screening

  1. Is that a criticism? Like originally animé was in Japanese and so it’s not supposed to look synchronized? [clueless]


    • I didn’t even think of the Japanese part of it – just that what I I took from it, since it was in her “con tweet” that the distinctive mouth movements distracted her. I honestly never considered the difference between English and Japanese.


      • My sole experience of this genre is watching a Japanese cartoon after school in the 70s where the mouths did not move along with the English text, so … yeah. Clueless. Oh, and I saw Spirited Away when it came out because my (now) ex wanted to see it.


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  3. As an anime fan you get used to lip flaps not matching up to the point where you don’t even notice it. Its weird to have it match perfectly because you’re used to “imperfection”

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  4. I like that it’s “surprisingly funny”. As I’m not an Anime fan, I can’t comment on the annoyance factor of the lip flaps. We’ll find out in four days! I wonder if Richard and Graham will get a kick of hearing themselves working ‘together’ again. 😉


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