Armitage Agonistes Makes it to Four Years


BTS Scenes Shot of “Claude” for Ocean’s 8

Yup. June 26 is the  4th anniversary of my first post on this blog. Oh! To recapture the exuberance in that post!

Life was simpler then. Fangirling Richard Armitage seemed simpler. There was, of course, the dearth of his work and dry spells – but for me, who had to catch up anyway I could, there was a wealth of other information, including interviews and articles from way back to before 2006 to that present day, back posts from other bloggers, and even The Hobbit, which I saved for last because I had so little interest in it other than #RichardArmitage.

Where am I now? I don’t know. Somewhere between here and there.


My own photo from Love Love, Love curtain call 

Cooling off Richard Armitage? Maybe, but I still managed international travel twice to get to New York to see him in Love, Love Love and Pilgrimage.

Those trips were two highlights this blogging year. I’m also grateful for the other newer works I’ve seen and heard: Through the Looking Glass ( turned out to be an unexpected delightedness in his role); Berlin Station, despite my disappointment in the series ( there was plenty to blog about) and Brain on Fire , which I have yet to write about. Disappointments were David Copperfield ( I got through it once) and Romeo and Juliet (also haven’t written about it.)


I forget where this came from, but yum

On the down side for me, is the change in the fandom. There are only a handful of blogs left, and I’m noticing that my fellow bloggers are having issues of their own – it’s slim pickings out there. The Twitter scene annoys me – and that’s as true for when he tweets as when he doesn’t tweet.


As Kenneth in Love,Love,Love (promo pic)

What still excites me? Well, just the right photo will do it. A good, juicy blog discussion here or elsewhere ( preferably here – but if I don’t post I can’t expect much). Being 5 feet away from his gorgeous self on stage excited me.


As Daniel Miller in Berlin Station – I waited years for a photo like this. 

An exceptional interview where something new might be revealed, and which generates discussion – happens less and less, but when it does, I’m willing to spend a few hours on it. Every announcement of a new project excites me, even if I’m not keen on the project.

High on my list – I love those airport pictures.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 2.01.25 PM

Richard Armitage Arriving at JFK from L.A. 

For the future, I’m looking forward to Sleepwalker and especially, and  with such frustration, Urban and the Shed Crew.  In just a few days, I’ll once again veer into territories unknown, and check out Castlemania and there’s My Zoe somewhere down the pike. Despite my lukewarm feelings for Berlin Station I’m actually expecting a much better season 2, and I’m really eager to see Oceans 8, ’cause I think it’ll be fun.

Meanwhile, I chug on, but in a distracted manner – mainly because – because politics.

I know many of you wish me a happy blogiversay. Thanks in advance. Comments will be closed.

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