Fan Forensics: #RichardArmitage -Vampire Hunter?

This is one genre I’d hoped Richard Armitage would save me from having to watch, but:

A few sleuthing fans have uncovered what, though a long shot, might be a new project for Richard Armitage.

The vehicle is a new animated series adapted from a video game, coming to Netflix in July, titled Castlevania. 

The series stars Alejandra Reynoso and James Callis. Reynoso recently followed in succession on Twitter,  @JamesCallis and @RCArmitage – but also, apparently contemporaneously, @LeePace. In addition, some time ago @RCArmitage followed Callis ( thank you Micra)

Fans @VioletTDB, @Chrissyinwm and @Pimpi59 (Micra) are credited with unearthing the info. Take a listen and decide for yourself whether you think that’s Armitage’s voice at the end. IMDB does not have him listed. I agree with Micra, though, the speaker on the tape seems more like the hero than a cameo, so it’s hard to understand why Armitage would not be listed in the cast.

I checked out James Callis’s voice in an interview on You Tube, and that final voice is definitely not his.


56 thoughts on “Fan Forensics: #RichardArmitage -Vampire Hunter?

  1. Definitely not Richard’s voice. Just listen to the “a” at the end of “Dracula”. No way he said this. Doesn’t sound like him at all.


    • I don’t hear what you hear about that last “a” – but we shall see. If not him, I’d like to know the man behind the voice. Maybe he’s done some audiobooks.


  2. I think Rita was the first to spot this … and it sure sounds like him to me! The game’s cast is huge – Robert Carlyle, Patrick Stewart, Jason Isaacs, Richard Madden, to name a few – so there should be much more casting info to come from Netflix / creators.


  3. that’s his voice all right but he could have just done the audio bits for promo, ie like an advert, does not mean he will voice over the entire thing i think


    • I do, too, but now I’m going to listen again in light of Guylty’s idea that it sounds like Lee Pace – but I don’t think so – definitely British accent.


  4. While I hear the resemblance, I really don’t think it’s him. “Dracula” in particular doesn’t sound like him. He and Callis overlapped a bit at LAMDA, so I assumed the follow resulted from them re-connecting at a party or something.


  5. There is a third name on the list, Fred Tatasciore. He is an experienced computer game speaker, able to change his voice a lot. I find it impossible to say for sure who’s voice it is. But…I’d say more Richard than Lee…or perhaps a bit of both?


  6. I think it sounds exactly like him. Whether that means he has a voice role or he was just suggested through a mutual acquaintance as a voice for the promo, though… hmmm. I love fan forensics.

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  7. I saw this three days ago — found by a different fan than the ones you specify — but I wasn’t convinced it was his voice. It might be but I didn’t get enough to make a decision.


  8. I think the same Michaela.
    And I also like fan forensics. I don’t really mind him to stay away from Twitter…but not keeping us busy isn’t the best idea he had lately…🤔😬😂


  9. I have listened to this more times than I care to say, its really hard to say…It does sound like it could be him, but then again not……..Shall we ask the man himself?


    • Well, all things considered, July is not so far away. In fact, that may be the next new possible Armitage work out, if it is him. (Brain on Fire is coming to Netflix, but no date yet)


  10. It does sound like him but not quite – there’s something a little off that leaves me unconvinced it really is his voice. But the fan forensics stuff is fun!


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