Role Info on Oceans 8 #RichardArmitage

A little confusing. I think it says Damian Lewis (name not in bold) plays the lover, and Armitage plays Claude, who must be the target or villain. So much for our idea that Armitage took over the Damian Lewis role.

The story revolves around a young lady, Debbie, who tries to pull off the heist of the century at the Met Gala. For this, she teams up with Lou, Daphne, Rose, Nina, Amita, Constance, and Tammy, and moves on with her mission.

Damian Lewis, Richard Armitage, and James Corden play Debbie’s lover, Claude, and the insurance broker, respectively. Olivia Munn, Carl Reiner, Zac Posen, Serena Williams, and Hailey Baldwin will make cameo appearances in the movie.

4 thoughts on “Role Info on Oceans 8 #RichardArmitage

  1. In fact, I didn’t boost this because the language is so confusing. I don’t think this is confirmation that he’s playing Debbie’s lover.


  2. With a name like Blasting News, this site doesn’t employ Pulitzer-level writers. Yikes, that phrasing would autofail a Creative Communications student.

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