Maybe a Little Biased, But a Good Review for Pilgrimage

Found on Me and Richard

Everything written  by New York Irish Arts about this Irish film, is true, though they relegate Richard Armitage to “supporting cast,” which I don’t think is correct. They also got the title wrong – but who cares? It’s a good review.

6 thoughts on “Maybe a Little Biased, But a Good Review for Pilgrimage

  1. I did not expect anymore, Richard arrived late, has never spoken about role, he hasn’t been involved with the promotion, perhaps they really wanted Aidan Turner , he’s Irish. LOL


    • I don’t know that he’s never spoken about it. He tweeted several pictures from that shoot, for instance. Also, he’s shooting Berlin Station right now, presumably, so a trip to NYC would probably have been tricky, even a quick one. The real promotion for this piece will happen during general release in August.

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  2. Armitage’s role is not just a supporting role. He has second billing in credits. Also, I think it possible that he will have more to do with promotion before the general release in August, if he’s free. Anyway, I hope so.

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  3. That was some “supporting role” then, best I’ve seen..He rode into the film a several minutes into it and was there through out the film to the very end…I too hope to see him in the promo of the films release, he certainly deserves to be……Saw it once, cannot wait until August to see it again..


    • I think it’s a borderline case, because he was not there throughout the film; there’s a solid twenty minutes in the middle where Raymond is missing. I suspect that if we counted screen time Bernthal would have slightly more, as he’s in all the opening scenes and Raymond is not.


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