For Those Going to See Pilgrimage in TriBeCa

The Regal Cinema is located in Battery Park City, which is, in my opinion, off the beaten path. The theater seems a little confusing to recognize, from what I’ve read, ( it’s either in or adjacent to a hotel, up several escalator flights)
so check this out – pretty good directions

Other than that snafu, like many others have said, if you’re not familiar with the area, get there early so you can find it. Look for purple lights emanating from a building in the middle of this pathway between Murray and Vesey street. Once you enter the building, make an immediate right and start going up the escalators. There are also signs indicating where the Regal Cinemas are but it still may be confusing to some.

Directions on line will tell you to go either to Chambers Street station on the 1,2,3 lines, or the 1 train to Cortland. I think the Cortland Street station is still closed after 9/11, but you can also take the 2 or 3 (red circle) or A or C ( blue circle) to Park Place/Chambers Street, which lets you off one avenue further, but a few blocks closer. Or you can take the E to the World Trade Center Stop – which is probably confusing ( I haven’t been there since it was rebuilt).

Best option, in my opinion, is the Chambers Street stop on the 1,2,3 lines, and then walk south to Murray, right on Murray and take Murray all the way into what seems like a park. – and there are elevators at Chambers Street for those who may need them. ( It’s two levels underground) Take the elevator to one level, get out and walk to another elevator to street level.)
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.39.59 PM

Follow the walking directions, though, because it looks like only a few streets allow you to cross under ( or over?) West Street, which is a large two way approach to the West Side Highway. It looks like Murray Street or Vesey Street is the best street to take.
Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 3.48.53 PM

On line folks say there’s a Shake Shack next door. I think it will be impossible on that night, so I would look for something else if you want to eat nearby unless you get there super early.

All in all, I would say – get there early!

3 thoughts on “For Those Going to See Pilgrimage in TriBeCa

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    • Take 1,2,3, to Chambers Street and walk west. But Chambers doesn’t cross West Street; so when you get blocked, go left until you get to a cross walk. The theater is in a building in an alley/promenade. ( Very charming but doesn’t look like a theater at all.) Just ask – all locals know where it is. A few restaurants right there, and on Sunday, Shake Shack ( great franks ) and the other ones were not full. Give yourself time. It’s a bit of a hike. Enjoy. Looking forward to more impressions the second time around.


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