Pilgrimage Premiere – I hope this is a typo

[eta] I thought this tweet was from Stan Weber, but it is a fan, so the mistake is more understandable. Premiere is April 23.

11 thoughts on “Pilgrimage Premiere – I hope this is a typo

  1. Wrong info from the fan. Here is Weber’s original IG post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSmKydElGp3/?taken-by=stanley_weber&hl=en with this caption: Delighted and excited to know that I’ll get to see my boys @hughoconor @jonnybernthal @tomholland2013 & co for the screening of Pilgrimage at TriBeCa film festival in NYC! ©photo : @hughoconor … take a look a his insta account #brillantphotographer and actor! @tribeca @xyzfilms @aramtertzakian #pilgrimagethemovie


  2. I have a ticket for April 23rd, (at 7pm) but there are 4 showings of “Pilgrimage”. Not sure of the other dates, but they were being shown very late at night.


    • I know. Not convenient at all, unless you’re spending the whole day and night watching films – which some people do at these festivals. I think the other dates are the 26, 27, and 28th. Two showings on one of those nights. Enjoy, and report back if you feel like it.


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