April 9th on this Blog through History – Coincidence Abounds

Fellow blogger, Herba, followed by Guylty Pleasure, set up a little exercise to find out what was posted on our blogs for this day, April 9, in history. This blog started in July 2013.

I checked my log and came across a post that I’d never seen before. On my own blog! It was guest-post , dated April 9, 2014, written by guest blogger, KatharineD, and here it is. She’s giving a heads- up on The Hobbit Lego Game. It’s quite charming, actually.


One might ask how it was that I didn’t know what was in a post on my own blog. The reason reminded me of something else I hadn’t thought of today: April 9 was the day that I moved from New York to Mexico. Yup, today is my 3 year anniversary as an ex-pat. While I was taking care of business and getting ready to move, Katharine was gracious and helpful enough to keep a watch on the blog for a few weeks. Nice surprise!

In 2015 on April 9, I posted a little news about the Olivier Awards here. The article suggested that the winner was too close to call. Another coincidence, and what I hadn’t realized, was that among the competitors in Richard Armitage’s category was Tim Piggot-Smith ( King Charles III by Mike Bartlett) , who, as we know, died this weekend, and who was in North and South with Richard Armitage.

Alas, no posts on this date for last year.



17 thoughts on “April 9th on this Blog through History – Coincidence Abounds

  1. Congrats on your move, Perry! I can hardly believe that it is already 3 years. I remember the run-up to it very well.
    And thanks for digging through your blog for this memory game – it was great fun reading that post on the Lego game. I miss KatharineD, btw, so in case she lurks and reads: Hello!

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  3. Hi Perry, and hello to you, too, Guylty!
    Perry- I well remember your madcap rush to tie off all the loose ends from your NY life, and pack for Mexico- a very stressful time for you. I can’t say I particularly recall writing the Hobbit Lego post, but I think I more or less managed to keep the blog ticking over in your absence. It all seems like quite awhile ago, but three years, you say?-wow, tempus surely does fugit!


  4. 3 years already wow!! hope the new home is all it promised to be in these years 🙂
    And lovely Hobbity post from KD as well! i’m really enjoying everyone’s trips down memory lane too 🙂


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