The Chair’s Not There @RCarmitage

For some reason, Richard Armitage deleted his tweet with a photo of his ( or Daniel Miller’s) personal on set chair from Twitter.

But, it’s still on his Facebook page

and on Berlin Station’s its Instagram page, which is where Richard Armitage got it from.

Thus, after the flare up this week about Richard Armitage retweeting KekePalmer’s tweet containing a racial slur and here, as well as on Twitter and other platforms, how curious that Richard Armitage deleted a harmless, well received tweet.

BTW, I note that Berlin Station, which has retweeted most of its cast tweets, did not RT the KekePalmer video tweet nor post it on its FB page.


13 thoughts on “The Chair’s Not There @RCarmitage

  1. Yeah, I was like, you’re going to leave that nasty tweet there and delete the chair? I haven’t gotten any further than that. Honestly, following his social media lately has the quality of reading entrails.


  2. I’ve been busy so I guess I missed all the thrashing he took for retweeting “her tweet”? I did see her post and thought it was quite rude and crude actually in the first place, I’ve always hated that word, I don’t care who throws it out there…..Why he deleted what he did is beyond me, but I’l lose no sleep over it….I admire the man for the talent he has and the performance he brings to stage or screen, I really don’t ponder the why’s and why not’s of the choices he makes and the things he does… 🙂


      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think he is a kind, sincere, funny, caring, compassionate soul who probably hits post before he should sometimes…The hoopla over the RT should have been directed to the one who originally posted it……Like I said, I hate that word and as far a I’m concerned, no one should use it…..but that’s just my opinion…..Hope everyone has a great weekend.


        • I disagree that the hoopla should have been directed at Keke Palmer, if one is fan of Richard Armitage. They occupy different positions – she’s a very young, Black, hip hop artist ( and actress) with a very narrow, youthful fan base, most of whom probably have no issue with the use of N word in that context. He’s a 45 year old white guy with a varied fan base He’s also much more experienced in how actions are perceived. I think her song selection was a mistake made by lack of experience, but I can understand her actions more than his.

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