@RCArmitage in Ocean’s 8 Supports his Co-star

It’s looking more and more as though Richard Armitage took over the Damian Lewis role. I think that makes him the mark  in this heist film.


19 thoughts on “@RCArmitage in Ocean’s 8 Supports his Co-star

  1. If he’s a curator, that could make sense — they could be stealing from his museum or his private collection.

    The interview that the Huff Po article links to is actually interesting and relevant. I’d be way more interested in what he thought of that than that he apparently thinks Anne Hathaway is funny (also, I think this is about the nth time he’s said this about a costar … going back at least to Dawn French).

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    • Yeah, either his personal collection ( not as likely) or his museum.It makes sense also because of the description of James Corden’s role as an insurance investigator, who meets up with his character on the street.
      I thought it was a good interview. She was much more articulate about “self” than he’s been, but then he’s not had the personal criticism ( on such a public scale) as she has. He could learn something from a few of the things she said.
      I could have lived without that postscript. I didn’t know anything about the photo up her skirt, and I would have been happy to have left it that way. I like Anne Hathaway well enough, though I didn’t think she deserved an Oscar for Les Mis. I don’t think she’s had that many serious roles yet. I like her politics.

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      • That’s kind of what I thought re: he could have learned something from a few of the things she said, if he read it.

        re: that kind of apology — it’s kind of a rhetorical nightmare. I don’t necessarily want to attribute ill will to anyone.

        re: her roles — she was in the film that is #1 on my list for “most profound movies about fluff,” i.e., The Devil Wears Prada. That’s all I know about her acting, I think.


  2. To be honest , I never really had the interest to the Oceans 8 movies 😶 I’ve seen the other ones though . Anne Hathaway , I liked her in Alice in Wonderland movies . She did a good job , and I thought she was pretty funny . Don’t know about Richards humour either . He doesn’t really show a lot . Just left twitter and Facebook because of the drama was around him . Clearly just got fed up , so I don’t really read more oppinions about him . Just wondering why did he felt like he had to put that tweet on twitter , why could not he keep it private ? 😶


    • I think the idea was to support her publicly in light of the headline – that she was hated on the internet – but why? It is a little curious, but maybe the answer is in your comment. Just theorizing here – might be way off base – but they did work together in Alice II – and it does appear that he might be filling in, in Ocean’s 8, for the Damien Lewis role – and the picture is high profile – so maybe it was Anne Hathaway who suggested him as a replacement when they lost their co-star. Maybe she “did him a solid” and he’s trying to repay the favor?

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      • Maybe :)I never watched any interview with her though . Not too interested . I know she is beside parental leave , working for the United Nations , doing charity . That’s all I know about her , and that she is a Scorpio 😀


  3. That Anne Hathaway interview was really interesting. The things that successful and famous actors have to go through …. sounds like she’s developed a really good attitude about living her life in spite of the internet and even learning from it.

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    • It was interesting. I know nothing about her new film, but I recall the publicity when she said in an interview that she was pretending to be happy that she won an Oscar. Nothing about her seems hate-worthy to me.

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  4. Thanks for sharing! Richard Armitage is ever gracious with and about his co-stars. And they often reciprocate/gush their respect for him. Lucy Griffiths, anyone?

    Personally, I think Anne Hathaway is charming and delightful! Love her films! And her talent and range are boundless! Good for Richard Armitage for standing up for her!

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    • I’d like to see her in more dramatic roles before I decide how talented she is. She was exceptional in Les Mis, but it was an odd role – almost entirely in song. She seems to do much more comedy than anything else. But, have you seen “Becoming Jane,” a sort of bio of Jane Austen? She could do period drama quite well, I think.

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  5. Really interesting interview and i like the way she expresses herself. Don’t really tend to read much about actors on internet apart from a few exceptions, still go mostly to traditional press for work related interviews etc. Not knowing anything about her apart from a few movies i quite like the woman who expresses herself in that interview. The relationship with what people say about you or even your image must be a difficult one to navigate.


      • I thought the comments I read today (in that article, or elsewhere, now I don’t remember) were interesting in that light. Someone asserted that women who don’t act as if they are ashamed of themselves get targeted. I find that a fairly convincing general explanation.

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