Another New Interview -Mentions N & S

Thanks again to @Mooseturds. This is a good interview. Deflects question about musical theater. Talks about season 2 and how he’s preparing by following the political news.

Television is not a step down from movies any more. Creatives on the show crosses over between movie and TV.

Interviewer: I hope to see you on stage very soon.

RA:                  G-d bless you. You probably will.

8 thoughts on “Another New Interview -Mentions N & S

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    • The theater gig is sounding like a done deal. I thought I read Yaël Farber was in London, casting for a play. It seems early to me, except for the stars. Maybe she also has something more current going on.


      • She’s casting (or has cast?) for Salome at the NT this late spring / early summer. But I guess I struck that from my list once we saw that BSt was filming in spring (and maybe My Zoe as well? Although you’d think that if that had sold, we would have heard about it).


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