Sleepwalker- Viewers Who Reported Gave High Praise

After one showing in Santa Barbara yesterday, what little feedback there is so far is super positive. From a fan, a fan friend, and a friend of one of the cast.

Can’t wait for some critics’ reviews

4 thoughts on “Sleepwalker- Viewers Who Reported Gave High Praise

  1. Larry Richman has a website devoted to reviewing independent films — does that make him a film critic? Also, the ratings on IMDB are pretty interesting. 1 out of 8 is negative, and it was by a young man. The other 7 ratings are very high. All the ladies are rating it a 10! Average rating is 8.4.

    I always thought this film looked really interesting. At least we will finally hear something about it.


    • I still had the IMDB page in my browser, and I noticed that it was updated today to make Sleepwalker a 2017 movie rather than a 2015 one, and the ratings were erased. Also, when did Richard’s IMDB photo get changed? I like it.


  2. Same here. I really appreciated the Twitter reviews by inkedgirl – but would love to hear what the critics say. Not least because that might give an indication how likely it is that the film will be picked up for general distribution. Fingers crossed!

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