What a Howl! Oceans 8 Vid


Via Me and Richard and German RA Board.

For more, check out the link and pics on Me and Richard , including this pic:james-corden-films-oceans-eight-cameo-nyc-041

Despite some chatter to the contrary and the fact that his clothes look like his style, I don’t think he’s dressed in many of his on clothes. Just my feeling that the coat and scarf are relatively as pricey as the shoes.

So, what’s the story here? According to Just Jared, James Corden plays an insurance investigator suspicious of the Ocean’s 8 crew. But, according to the Instagram, it looks like Corden character meets Richard Armitage’s character in a chance meeting. Same in this different video .

Theory: Investigator wants a word with hottie (fashion designer? jeweler, curator, Ocean’s 8 crew SO?) so he ambushes him on the gorgeous one’s walk back from the – wait for it — DOG PARK.
Whaddaya think?

11 thoughts on “What a Howl! Oceans 8 Vid

  1. I would love to see him a a jeweler, he could use his skills from previous life when he was Thorin 😀
    Imagine him behind the counter as he says that necklace you are looking at would perfectly match your eyes… *needs to get back to reality*


  2. LOL good one. I have my own theory, because he looks like he’s just got out of bed.
    He’s walking these graceful, tolerant dogs for someone else. In reality, he would much rather have a rottweiler. I think he plays a bad boy who’s under the thumb.


    • So, you think maybe he’s a paid dogwalker or the’re his partner’s dogs? He does look like he just got out of bed. I, myself have thrown sweats over nightgowns to walk the dog in the early a.m.


  3. Hey Perry!
    I’ve followed your site for a couple of years now and have enjoyed it. I have a weird question for you. I was following a link connected with IMBD for Ocean 8 and it led me me to a site called Famous Fix which stated that RA and Samantha Colley were engaged 6/16/2016/ Do you know is that is correct or did I miss something? Is it one of those unreliable tabloid type sites or what?
    I figure you would be the best one to ask. Would have put this in a private message but I’m not that tech savvy I guess. Thanks for your input.


    • This rumor is complete nonsense. I never heard t myself. As far as I know, they have never been spotted together since The Crucible closed. For example, she never was seen at any of his performances of Love, Love, Love, and with all his fans there, someone would have noticed. Further, the age difference, though not dispositive, is well , icky I would love to see the link, though.


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