Sleepwalker Screening at Sta. Barbara FF

Posted here screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-4-22-47-pm

This poster’s image of Dr. White doesn’t look that much like the shots we saw during filming. Lucky fans who can get there, be sure to report in.

8 thoughts on “Sleepwalker Screening at Sta. Barbara FF

  1. I am thinking maybe they made the poster that way to show that it is a psychological thriller and the girl might see herself and her doctor as different people. she sometimes might see the doctor, but then she sees somebody else,etc.


  2. Quite atmospheric. Hopefully we’ll get to see the film on DVD (no Santa Barbara for me). It really comes across as interesting / intriguing.


    • Yeah – Santa Barbara s not easy to get to from where I am either. On the bright side – we should learn something more about the film, and how it was received. I don;t think the image looks that much like Richard Armitage or his character. I think it’s supposed to look spooky/dreamy/nighmarish. He looks a little evil.


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