@RCArmitage Recalls Visit to Refugees

Update: Looks like his tweet about immigration status in U.S., here has been quickly deleted, and in its place, are two reminders of his visit to a refugee center while he was in Berlin.

Here is a screenshot preserved from Me and Richard 

ETA – deleted by me. This is one of those rare times when what he wants to do, because of these unusual circumstances, takes precedence – hmmm trumps, fandom issues.

He has not deleted his tweet about Theresa May’s lukewarm opposition to Trump’s Muslin Ban.

One thought on “@RCArmitage Recalls Visit to Refugees

  1. I for one wish he would get more political about Brexit or healthcare even if he skirts the immigration issue. Like he could really bring to light the homelessness issue in the UK (among other countries) esp pertaining to children and the lack of resources available or lobby for more resources available. I feel like he starts to light a match on his convictions then quickly blows it out second guessing himself. I second guess myself all the time but I’m not a celebrity w/ over 300 comments on a IG account when posting a selfie.


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